Failure to feed.

I am trying to sort out a feed jam on the JR Carbine. I had 2 of these failures in 300 rounds this weekend.

As far as I can tell the bolt is not sliding back all the way to be able to pick up the back lip of the cartridge. In the large version of the image you can see where the bolt started trying to pick up the round.

It does it with force. enough to damage the bullet and the casing.It will happen with or without the suppressor and all the mags are Glock factory mags.

Another thing that may or may not be related is that it is rattling all the nut loose. Had to pause a couple times to tighten up everything.

--I need this thing to be an Easy Button.


Anonymous said...

Bolt spring might be too stiff.

ZerCool said...

In tandem with Anon above, is the buffer spring binding on anything, or have you switched to a heavier-than-standard buffer?

New ammo, or consistently one brand?

JB Miller said...

Ammo all from the same lot. I buy in bulk.

Old NFO said...

Concur with both of the above... Sounds like the buffer spring is too strong.

JB Miller said...

I had thought it was the fault of the suppressor. The baffles reduce the recoil so I thought it might be involved. I got it to fail without the can.

Anonymous said...

If it has teats or moving parts, you are going to have problems with it.
Duct tape the damn thing.

Gunnutmegger said...

What weight bullets are you using?

That might be a factor.