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Glock 21 .45ACP with Gemtech Suppressor
It was a beautiful day for the range, made better by supporting a good cause.

Murphy over at Lagniappes Lair (the organizer) should be proud of another excellent event!, Tempestuous Sea, THOTPolice (and Missus), Another Day AnotherOld NFO, Proud Hillbilly, Shekel, MSgtB (and Missus), and a many commentators, like Bubblehead Les, and Stretch, and The Axe, and Morlock, and AZMrMacs. And many more.

I stole the list from TBolt who was also there!

The 340 Defense Range where it was held was really nice and shady  It was just the right size and configuration for the event. It had lanes from 7 yards to 400 yards. Love it.

Lots of great guns there including a couple Uzi's in full auto!

--Fun was had by all!

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Bubblehead Les. said...

As someone who was there, Super Ditto!