Bloggers not Blogging but Socializing

There is some blogger get togethers coming up fast!

September 22nd:

From Lagniappe's Lair: Following on last year's shoot and all-around fun day, there will be another blogshoot here in the VA/WV/MD area to raise money for Wounded Warriors.

For more info and range location, or contact info, e-mail

I'll be there!

September 29th:

On Saturday September 29th there will be another edition of the Nations Gun Show.

Dulles Expo Center
4320 Chantilly Shopping Center
Chantilly, VA 20153

It's 22 Miles from Washington, DC - Directions:  I-66, Exit 53B, go 3 miles Rt. 28 N, turn right onto Willard Rd., take 2nd left into the Chantilly Shopping Center,  Follow signs to Expo Center.

I love this Gun Show. It is huge. I have purchased several firearms there at good prices. They usually have everything. New items, Class III, optics, old and new firearms, gadgets, gear, knives, books, accessories, ammo (esoteric and bulk), pretty much everything.

Anyway, I go to this gun show often. I have gone with TBolt several times. I have heard that many other bloggers attended the same show at the same time as me.

So the idea behind this Blogmeet is go to the gun show on the same day and the all get together for dinner and drinks and hanging out for a bit. Maybe a restaurant, maybe my house to grill burgers with bacon and pepper jack cheese, hanging at my bar or at the fire pit, having a cold beer or two.

--We're doin it! Mark you calendars now. Guest rooms filling up fast!


MSgt B said...

I have both down on the calendar.

Trying to get MRs B to come along. She's more likely to show up at the gun show, as it involves SHOPPING.

Laura said...

We're still definitely down for the fun show. :)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Use up old Ammo one weekend, restock the following. Not a Bad Plan. Just make sure your "Just in Case" supply is adequate for the interim, then rotate in Fresh Stock. Then you'll be set for any "Post-Election" Insanity in November.

Murphy's Law said...

Looking forward to seeing y'all.

Turk Turon said...

I'll be at the Dulles Show on Saturday. Where is the meet-up?