Heads. On. Pikes.

The US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was murdered with three other Americans when terrorists stormed the US consulate and killed them. They then burned down the consulate.

I consider this an act of war.

If the Libyan Government (what there is of it) does not come down hard on these villains. We should declare war.

Real War.

Make an example.

--I want heads on pikes.


Expatriate Owl said...

Not if, but when they pull it in Egypt, then, in addition to the heads on pikes (plural, very plural), also take control of Suez Canal.

Murphy's Law said...

Amen on these thoughts. The Med needs to become an American lake again.

Old NFO said...

Small TACNUKE... Just sayin...

JB Miller said...

I believe we park some warships, give them a deadline and demand the culprits and an apology. The more grovel in it the better.

If the deadline is missed, their 4 biggest refineries, then their 4 largest ports are destroyed.

Heads. On. Pikes.

Ken O said...

For more than a decade I have been saying that we should mix HE, WP and napalm in equal measure and carpet bomb the entire offending nation. Bring pain, horror, terror and death to them on such a scale that we never have to repeat the lesson. TARGET the civilian population; when they gave suffered enough, they will police their own radicals.