Rock River Arms LAR-PDS Pistol

Rock River Arms LAR-PDS Pistol
At the NRA convent I got to handle a Rock River Arms LAR-PDS Pistol w/ LAR-PDS Injection Molded Ribbed Handguard.

I Like It!!

The model RLP2110 had a really nice feel. The charging handle was really easy to use.

The picitinny on the butt end gives you lots of creative options for slings.

This is what the Keltec PLR-16 wanted to be.

Retail is $1300, and street price a bit lower. 

--Maybe add a K-Bar bayonet!!


That Guy said...

As a Rifle/Pistol aficionado, I really wanted one of those... until I started playing with a standard AR pistol with the Buffer Tube.

The buffer tube makes a cheek weld possible, and enhances practical accuracy. Now, I have an AK pistol, and it is possible to hit at longer ranges, but it's harder.

Old NFO said...

I'll pass... It's too heavy for me to hold steady enough to be really accurate...