Movie: Jack Reacher

I saw Jack Reacher (again) this weekend with friends.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. It was good on many levels. The characters, plot, casting, pace, effects and directing all made for a great thriller.

It also had excellent firearms.

     Miller Rating = 7 of 10

They should have added a good love scene, dammit!

Here is the list of guns in this movie as listed in the Internet Movie Firearms Database:
--I am not really a Tom Cruise fan. But I really liked this flick.


Samuel Suggs said...

you thought the CASTING was good? well I have to say thats the first time I have heard that

Old NFO said...

Not with Cruise as Reacher... And I won't see it because I refuse to give him one penny of my money. His anti-gun stance is typical Hollyweird...

JB Miller said...

The casting was good, especially the secondary characters. I am not a Cruise fan either. Scientology etc.

Samuel Suggs said...

who cares about Scientolog! its his promotion of the destructon of freedom not his hokey religion that angers me!