Part 3: How to Register a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR)

Current Status of my SBR, "The Axe"
I heard back from the ATF.

They returned my forms and wanted the following corrections:
  • Remove the term "AR-15" from the firearm description
  • The two page Form 1 must be on a single page, front and back.
I had printed the PDF from the Internet one sided.  Luckily I was able to put the first page through my printer and print the second page on it's back. Signed, again. Right back out in the mail again.

Here is the series of events so far:
  • Purchased the AR-15 to be converted to an SBR (10/1/12)
  • Purchased the short barrel and upper
  • Download and fill out the ATF Form 1 (print 2 sided)
  • Go to CVS for two passport photos
  • Go to the County Courthouse and get two fingerprint cards ($10)
  • Certification of Compliance with 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(5)(B)
  • Submit copies for the County Sheriff to sign
  • Received signed forms in the mail (about 10 days) (11/1/12)
  • Wrote a check for $200 
  • Sent it all to the ATF (2 copies of Form 1, Compliance Cert, $200 check)
  • Waited.
  • Received the ATF forms back for corrections (5/1/13)
  • Corrected the forms and sent them back in the mail (5/2/13)
  • Wait...
It is worth noting that they cashed the check long ago. They also had a different address and suite to send the corrected forms and they had case numbers included.

The silly thing is, all this paperwork, is all to just add a shoulder stock!

--Hopefully not too much longer...


Murphy's Law said...

What's the barrel length on that one, and how's it function? Any issues?

JB Miller said...

The barrel is 7 inches. No issues so far. But damn is the thing loud!

Paula A. McGee said...

This blog is really good and provide all the information related to the this rifle and also provide detailed functioning of this rifle and all the rifle parts

Anonymous said...

what kind of stock is on there in the pic

JB Miller said...

What you see in this pic is NOT a rifle stock. It is a basic spring tube that make the rig as configured a Pistol. If I put an actual stock on it or forward vertical grip without SBR approval it is illegal.

All approved now.

JB Miller said...

Anonymous said...

I want a pistol exactly like this. Please tell me where and how to get one. Thank you.

Plort said...

What did you put in the firearm description.

JB Miller said...

Short Barrel Rifle.