Goblin Deuce

Goblin Deuce
A reader sent me this picture.

I have fired many short shotguns and this one looks like it would be a lot of fun.

I can't imagine the recoil would be too bad, but the blast ball of fire would probably be dramatic.

The biggest problem is I don't think this is real. This is a paint ball gun.

Does anyone know if this is made as an actual shotgun? In any guage?

-I would probably buy one. Short, Impractical, dangerous, powerful, and super fun.


Anonymous said...

I want that!

Old NFO said...

Meh, just about useless... I'll stick with my existing shottys...

JB Miller said...

Useless, but might be fun to shoot!

Anonymous said...

Google 'howdah pistol'. I have read in the Double Gun Journal about an example in 470NE that was part of a cased set with a 470NE double rifle for tiger hunting.

If I had the choice between being mauled by a wounded tiger or firing a .470 Nitro Express in pistol form, I might just choose the tiger!


Robert the Biker said...

Perhaps you could get a replica Blunderbus; black powder only but the huge flash and cloud of smoke would probably increase the grin factor by about 500%.
I believe Umberti do one.