Random Monday's

Have some actual gun related content.
Today is the last Monday before my two week vacation. I know that this week is going to drag.

Our house sitter is set up. The cats and plants will survive.

Booze, books and bacon is packed. Naps are planned. Pants will be optional.

I will take those two weeks off from writing as well as work.

I hope it does not rain too much.

It is going to be 97 degrees outside here today in VA. I will need some pool time.


Old NFO said...

That's a graphic the left doesn't want to get out...

Wandering Neurons said...

Have fun on your technology-free vacation!

abnormalist said...

Actually with that graphic, you can nearly perfectly mirror it with drug and alcohol prohibition, and law enforcement attitudes twords illegal drugs...

60s and 70s should be self explanatory... But if they arent, marijuana, LSD, cocaine, etc

In the 80s is when the crack epidemic began, early 90s is when ecstasy started to hit the market, mid to late 90s (1996) is when medical marijuana started to pass and ideas began to change.

Not saying guns dont reduce crime, I honestly believe that, but what America has isnt a gun problem, its a drug problem.