Happy Friday: Safety Tips

There are several things that are problems with the image to the right. I feel I must address them:
  • Never take off your eye protection at the range while on the firing line!
  • Muzzle should always point down range not at the guy in the next lane over.
  • Yes, she shot the werewolf, but the bullet went clean through and into the hostages arm behind it. Resulting in blood exchange and making the hostage into a werewolf.
  • Never use your silver bullets for target shooting.
  • Last but not least, that shirt is a serious hot brass catcher.
--Good trigger discipline though...


Glenn B said...

Not only is that top a hot brass catcher, it caught my eye too - or at least what's in it caught my eye!

Wandering Neurons said...

I'll be happy to offer my services to retrieve any hot brass that fall into her "catcher"