I saw on the Internet today an ABDO concealed carry phone case.

This thing looks like a large cell phone clipped to your belt. You wouldn't look twice at someone walking by with one.

It quickly flips open and allows you access to your .380 or 9mm small compact hand gun. 

I have a P3AT that has a pocket lint problem when I carry it.

This would solve that.

Right now it's available for preorder at $49 but I think I will wait until I handle one to see the quality of the item. I will definitely keep an eye on this product.


Old NFO said...

Let me know what you think. I've been debating on one too.

North Texan said...

Yes if you get one (or a different one) let us know.

Anonymous said...

Sneaky Pete has had an excellent product on the market for some time. The only problem I've heard is when a fellow geek thinks you have a new and powerful large phone/mini-tablet and wants to see it.

Anonymous said...

I just received my ABDO and it's pretty good fit for my LCP. But, and it's a big but, the barrel pin which holds the gun in the holster is a major design issue for me.

From the manual "Your ABDO is designed to allow the firearm to rest on the barrel pin. The barrel pin is designed to prevent you from keeping a round in the chamber while carrying the firearm inside your ABDO. DO NOT ALTER OR MODIFY BARREL PIN OF YOUR ABDO."

I'm not sure how the videos were made advertising the product but if there's no round in the chamber you have to rack the slide first on draw from the holster.

Not sure if the warning not to modify the barrel pin is just there for legal reasons and they expect everyone to in fact do that modification but if not it's a serious design flaw.

In fact when you cut it down, the stability of the holster is significantly deteriorated.

Anonymous said...

Manual has been modified to add - UNLESS YOU FOLLOW BELOW INSTRUCTIONS. Then they have a section on how to modify the pin.