Running Late on Friday

Time has been thin this week.

My children's Grandfather is under hospice care and we have been sitting with him on an end of life vigil.

His name is Bert Miller and his 90th birthday is on Monday.

Why do I mention him on my gun blog? Bert has been a life long liberal democrat. But he was always respected my opinions. He believed in the Constitution and the strength of the foundation it created.

He was the first person to explain the depth of the bigotry associated with gun control to me.

My thoughts will be with him during this time.

--I can hear his laugh, even now.


Laura said...

will keep all of you in our thoughts, sir. <3

MSgt B said...

Losing a parent is a lonely time.

Call or drop me a line if you would like.

I have been there.

Old NFO said...

Thoughts and prayers.