Random Thursday.

The Blog well is feeling kind of dry this morning.

I just finished the second draft of my second book. It will be going to the beta reader team soon.

Need more coffee today, bad.

A friend of mine just bought a .300 Winchester mag. I have never shot one.

Spring pollen is super bad this year. I blame JayG.

My laptop is beginning to have problems. I hate the end-of-life issues with computers as much as with cars.

--Dammit, my car is making a noise! Oh the humanity!


Old NFO said...

Why does the .300 look bigger than the .338?

abnormalist said...

Shouldn't be, they are both the same spec 3.340" OAL.

The 338 win mag though is arguably more versitle, as the 300 has issues with bullets over 200 grain being set too deep