Yardsale Find

Last weekend I scored a Caldwell Steady Rest at a yard sale for $2.

You have to love a yard sale where the woman has no idea what it is she is selling.

"Make me an offer." she said.

When I looked in my wallet I had two $20s and two $1s. She saw me do this and when I said "$2"...


--This will be damn handy at ESS when I am sighting in my rifles at the 100 yard indoor range!


Glenn B said...

Nice find. That reminds me, I'll have to take a drive upstate NY one weekend to hit some yard sales. Those nearby to me on Long Island suck for the most part, although, one never knows. Tag (or estate) sales are a better bet my way. Scored lots of ammo at one years ago and a rifle at another.

Old NFO said...

NICE find! :-)