Holiday Visitors

Tis the season!
Today we are having our annual Christmas open house.

Basically I get to sit around and drink coffee, feed people cookies and answer the door when the bell rings.

My wife spends all day giving people tour of the decorated house while kids try to find the pickle ornament that she has hidden on each of the ten Christmas trees.

Yes. I said TEN Christmas trees.

My wife beats Martha Stewart it comes to Christmas.

She collects vintage ornament. She is an ornament Nerd. She knows all the makers and types and techniques they used. She even collects rare vintage ornaments that are made of candle wax and usually never survive even one summer in the attic.

What does this have to do with guns?

I will be concealing one all day.

I also have about thirty ornaments that are gun related! Santa with a hunting rifle making Rudolf nervous!

--Plus I might sneak out to the range with JayG later!

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