Government Shutdown

The Fed shutdown yesterday.

I wonder how many days this will delay my ATF SBR forms for my Suppressed Glock 21 Roni rig?

The last shutdown was during the Clinton administration and lasted 21 days!

The setup pictured on the right is basically the way I plan to configure my Roni carbine once I get the paperwork back! I think my suppressor will probably stick out a few inches farther. I already have the EOTech for this rig waiting in the box in the safe.

This rig will be reliable and quiet. It should be a lot of fun to shoot.

--I have to admit that by the time I am finished configuring it, I will have spent a lot of money on this rig. That will make a good future post.


Old NFO said...

Looking forward to that post!!!

Brigid said...

I hope the post is soon, trust me.

GreyLocke said...

Now here is interesting question. If I were to purchase a RONI rig for a "Blank" firing only pistol, would the RONI rig be legal?

I make some amateur films and am looking at getting some blank front fire pistols one of them being a glock copy. If it was only for the blank pistol as I don't own a glock would it be legal as I don't have the real firearm to be hit under the constructive possession rule.

JB Miller said...

I have seen the RONI demo'd with a Glock Airsoft gun because it has the same form factor.