Zimmerman Trial: Halfway

So the prosecution has rested in the Trial of George Zimmerman for Second Degree Murder.

The Miller Opinion:

This should never have come to trial. They NOT prove Murder 2 beyond a reasonable doubt. not even close.

More than half of the states own witnesses testified information that supported Zimmerman's story.

Everyone is saying he is guilty because he should have stayed in the car. Should have stopped following after the 911 dispatcher asked him to stop.

None of that matters because Trayvon attacked him. 

The only thing that matters is the question: Was Zimmerman in fear of great bodily harm when he killed Martin.

These photos showing injuries that Trayvon Martin inflicted are enough for reasonable doubt. He was the one screaming for help. His mother and uncle recognized his voice on the 911 tape. Martin's Mother WANTED it to be Trayvon calling for help. You could see it in her face that she knew it was wishful thinking.

The trials prosecution witnesses were ridiculous. The Medical Examiner looked like it was his first time on the stand. Girl admitting to lying again and again, that could not even read the letter she supposedly wrote to Trayvons mom.

All the most credible witnesses so far supported Zimmerman.

Twitter is rampant with calls to riot if he is acquitted. There was even a Riot For Trayvon Facebook page up for a few days until FB took it down. I have even seen threats against the Judges kids if he is acquitted.

I believe Zimmerman is not guilty of Murder in the 2nd.

I believe there is LOTS of reasonable doubt.

I believe he was only charged at all for political reasons.

I believe the prosecution knew they could not prove Murder 2 all along.

I believe this whole trial is not for the jury, it's for the public.

I believe President Obama is partly to blame for this waste of a trial and any deaths that occur from riots.

I believe Zimmerman will be acquitted.

I believe Zimmerman's life will be ruined anyway.

I believe all hell is going to break loose.

--Rule Number 2: Be Prepared

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