WANT: Cold Steel Trench-Hawk

I have been thinking about getting a Cold Steel Trench-Hawk to toss in the trunk of my car and forget about it.

I would wrap the handle top to bottom with paracord and then toss it on the bottom of the trunk of my car and forget about it.

The price is only $32 and I would not worry about getting it dirty or scratching it or using it for dirty jobs.

--The price is right!


David said...

Got one...in my trunk, no less. You might find it a little large to wrap with paracord, though. It's fairly hefty already, and I think wrapping would make it too thick in the handle...for my hands, anyway. YMMV. It's pretty nice for the money, though...the spike is damn sharp!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Banned in some States, because the Spike is Double-Edged. So be careful where you drive.

Old NFO said...

Nice one! And not a bad idea!

Miguel said...

I have a SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk and carry it in my truck's driver side door pocket. It will crack open any window if I happen to park inside the many bodies of water in South Florida.
PS: Scares the crap out of co-workers too