So You Want to Build a Suppressor

The press has been all a buzz about the use of 3D printers recently. That has generated a ton of talk at work about 3D printers, zip guns, CNC machines and garage projects.

Including the making of suppressors at home. It turns out that there are thousands of designs out there on the Internet. I did a random Google image search and found thousands in a few seconds.

Here is an old patent drawing:

There are even Youtube videos on how to make quick disposable suppressors from plastic bottles or oil filters and other stuff.

I want to do it legally start to finish. I think a .22 will be my first.

After a bit of research I discovered all you have to do is fill out an ATF Form 1 suite of paperwork, and pay the $200. Provide a description and serial number and your off. Well you will have to wait the 9 months for approval but then you are good to go.

With the cost of suppressors so high it is worth a shot! (pun intended)

-- I may have a new series about to begin.

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That Guy said...

Cool! I have been thinking about that as well. Interested in seeing your progress.