Let's Blame the Bomb

So when there is a shooting tragedy stupid people blame the gun.

So why is no one blaming the bomb?

Thanks to every media outlet every nut-ball out there now knows where to find info on the Internet on how to make a killer bomb in their Kitchen! Oh and don't forget the rusty nails and the ball barrings.

Now we even have professionally created instructions with excellent graphics thanks to the media.

Let's also teach these villains how to disguise their faces from cameras.

Carry your guns people. We may need them.

--Can car bombs and suicide vests be far behind?

UPDATE: 5:30am - One bombing suspect is dead as well as one police and a member of MIT Security. Suspect two is on the run in a jacked car. I don't really trust any of these details, so large grain of salt...

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Anonymous said...

Now the news is saying that they are Muslim Terrorists. Brothers in fact. They know their names...