Hidden Gun Stash Ideas

I saw a list over at It's Tactical and loved the idea.

I love lists. I loves hidden compartments. I love guns. So I will follow their lead and make me some lists!

There is a vast array of commercial solutions you can buy to hide your guns:
  • Hidden safes under your mattress, in the walls
  • Behind working clocks
  • Small safes under desks, 
  • Paintings and framed photos
  • Safes that look like hot water heaters
  • Furniture with built in compartments
  • Fake gas cans
Lots a great Do It Yourself (DIY) Stashes:
  • Hollowed out books
  • Modified furniture
  • Hinged paintings or mirrors
  • Hidden rooms
  • Converted items like computer cases, freezers, grandfather clocks, scanners, 
  • Velcro'd holsters in furniture, fake plants, old boots, behind places
  • Inside fake outlets, switches and vents
  • Behind kick plates in furniture or kitchen or bathroom cabinets
  • Fake stair risers
  • Fake electrical boxes outside
 --What else would you add?


Anonymous said...

Above the door in the coat closet by the front door.

Anonymous said...

I keep a stainless steel SP101 in a tofu box on the door of my fridge.

NO ONE has ever touched that box!

That Guy said...

A "stash can"- a tapered body trash can with a board that covers the top, and a lot of trash hot glued to the top. Grab a piece of trash, and the whole top comes off, revealing storage below.

It works.

Chris said...

Inside a bag of frozen mixed vegetables. In the ash drop from a fireplace (use a plastic bag to keep it clean) that you don't clean out too often. For less accessible hiding, behind paneling in a finished basement. In an emergency, have a pry bar ready. (This is for a MSR in states that are banning/regulating them.) There are others unique to my particular house, and it helps if you are a pack rat. No one wants to go through a ton of stored memorabilia in a crawl space, eh?

Although the CAPTCHA for this starts off with "surprised". Omen?

Anonymous said...

Inside the duct work. It will confound metal detectors!

Old NFO said...

All good ones, and there are a few others, but Anon's point is a good one, need metal near to defend against metal detectors.