Cleaning Day

Good Clean Fun
I keep my guns pretty clean. I do the regular clean after I take them to to range like everyone else.

Every now and then I haul the guns out that I have not shot in a while and give them a once over.

I use to keep a spreadsheet that had all my guns, serial numbers, dates fired and notes about the session. It also had the full disassemble and a deep clean date.

The problem is that I have been a slacker and my gun log has gone out of date.

Mostly it got out of date because it was not handy, being on a computer in another room. So today I move back to a paper log that I will keep in its own pocket on the door of my safe.

--It reminds me that I need an interior light for my safe.

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Old NFO said...

That is a damn good idea, especially if you don't shoot em for a while! One more thing I need to add to my to do list!