Demonizing Things

I was born in the late 50's.

Back then where I lived in rural Western NY guns were everywhere and were looked on as tools.

Every kid had them as toys. I must have had 10 cap guns. Eventually it was BB guns. By the time I was 10 I was shooting varmints for my dad with the .410.

Schools didn't freak out if we played Cowboys and Indians or Cops and Robbers. Girls snd Boys.

I could identify every kid I knew by the unique machine gun sound they could make with their mouth.

The political correctness hit.

This week the parents of a def kid named Hunter was told, "Deaf child's sign language name looks too much like gun".

--How can we shake some sense into this culture?


Anonymous said...

So very true, brother.

Cops and robbers for us. And assassination! we also had one we called "See Who can Die the Best!"

Broken Andy said...

We should show our contempt by mocking them.

Anonymous said...

Late 50's huh?
Yeah me also..
Look how we turned out and what we built..
No what are they doing?

Windy Wilson said...

Has that Hunter thing been resolved? Call Hunter Tylo to give a speech at the school. She's likely a gun-fearing leftist loon, but she does have the same name.
Maybe a "people named Hunter" convention at the town?