Cabin Dreams

I am hoping that one day soon my wife and I will be buying some land that either already has a cottage or cabin.

I would love to build one from local materials if possible.

I'd start with a small one that would later be used as the guest house. Build the main house later.

There would be enough land that hunting, fishing and trapping would be an options.

I would like to set up shooting ranges that would go all the way out to 1000 yards and could be used in any kind of weather.

I would like the cabin to be completely off the grid. Any power would come from cleverly concealed solar panels or wind mills.

I want it to be beautiful. Like a garden that is completely natural and low maintenance. Paths for strolls and comfy benches, chairs and hammocs scattered about for reading.

I would like it to be far away from people.

I want it to have fruit trees, and grape vines and lots of edible landscaping.

--I want it soon...


Old NFO said...

That would be a nice place, and yeah sooner rather than later!

Nathan said...

Sounds just like what my wife and I talked about the other night. Except you forgot the chickens, goats and maybe horses.

I'd like it soon enough so my kids don't have to grow up in Metro-Detroit.

NotClauswitz said...

A cabin somewhere it doesn't freeze all the nights... I might settle for a grass shack by the ocean.

MaddMedic said...

Please stop!!!
Right now would be good, Northern Minnesota....
40 acres by Embarrass, Mn....
I'll throw a damn tent on it for now..