Tec-22 Project

Intratec Tec-22
The Scorpion Tec-22 is now an official bench project. I found the original documentation in my files. This contained a full exploded diagram and parts list.

It has very simple architecture and I quickly discovered the single broken part and the fact that a tiny spring is missing.

Enter my Google-Fu.

In short order I found a ton of references to this specific failure on this model, of the Tec-22. There were detailed descriptions of this specific version of the original, pre-ban version.

Here is the order of project events:
Photoshopped rendition of possible mods

  • Firing pin repair and tests
  • Order a suppressor
  • Picitinny rail installs
  • LASER install
  • Sling selection and install
  • Let the can chasing begin!

Exact parts have been ordered and I will be able to replace them without the need of a gun smith.

--If the repairs work the next step will be a to order a suppressor. This will be fun.


DualCore said...

I wish I had the space and money and a wife that would allow "Projects"!

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that just the Tax Stamp for a suppressor will cost more than the original retail on that gun.

MSgt B said...

You're having way too much fun.

Anonymous said...

A drop grip in the front will require you to register it as an SBR or AOW. That is in addition to the suppressors Form 4. You need an ATF Form 1.

JB Miller said...

Yeah, that drop grip on the front of a pistol will need an SBR. Silly rule. Well documented with AR15 pistols.

Stretch said...

Where's the shoulder thingy that folds up?

Mad Saint Jack said...

Don't think you need the vert grip unless holding the mag makes the gun jam.