Super Bowl Sniper Nest

Do you remember the Movie "The Two Minute Warning".

The pics that hit the web this week of one of the Police Sniper Nests at the Superbowl are making the hippies nervous. The pics reminded me of the movie.

You have to know that there are probably at least three an maybe more.

The Super Bowl is considered to be a very high risk terrorist target.

Crowd is probably full of cops in plain clothes, as vendors, as media and maybe even dressed as... police.

--Enjoy the game. We'll cover you.


Broken Andy said...

CTone covered this on his blog and I tend to agree with him. The snipers were using their rifles as spotting scopes and monoculars. That's plain wrong and a violation of the safety rules.

Jason said...

They use a CheyTac Intervention. Very Nice. You would need at least 2 for that stadium; but the pic makes me think 3-4.