Tax Time

I don't need to remind anyone that it is tax time.

This year I paid more in taxes than any time ever in my life. This was because of book royalties plus my wife and I both have terrific jobs. We work really hard for the money we make.

I had to actually hire an account to do our taxes this year. There are so many esoteric rules it is easy to make mistakes. I am glad I did.

Looking at this giant amount I have to pay in taxes it really pisses me off that I am paying for so many things that are pure bullshit. I won't even list the bullshit. It would take too long.

The point is, pay the taxes or men with guns will come for you. Pay them. But know what you are paying for.  Pay them, even if you throw up in your mouth a little. Pay them, then vote. Pay them, and demand smaller government.

--Pay or else.

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