Random Thursday

Teach your children well.
Running on empty today.

The pollen is killing me. If I am outside more than fifteen minutes I start wheezing like an old man.

Going to the range tonight and have not decided what to shoot. Probably my new .22LR again. I'll go to the 100 yard indoor range and dial it in.

A new coffee shop opened in Old Town Manassas. I may go and check it out tonight.

My cat is very demanding this morning. He thinks I need more fur on me.

--Today is about family. No work.

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Knucklehead said...

Is your pollen sensitivity a new, or advancing years thing? Never bothered me until that last 6 or 7 years and seems to be getting worse. Fro me it is mostly sneezing rather than wheezing (and I am knocking on the door of Oldmanhood). The cheap stuff from Costco (Aller-Tec) seems to work fine. One pill a day, at most.