Random Friday

Jim Rockford died. Er, I mean James Garner. What I liked about his show is that he personally didn't like guns but understood the need for them.

RIP Jim.

I saw Whisky Tango Foxtrot and liked it way more than I expected. Tina Fey enjoying the recreational shooting of a full auto AK47.

Going to try to go to the range again this weekend. Alone. In the morning. On the 100 yard indoor range. Need to finish dialing in my new Savage MarkII.

I have a self imposed deadline for my third Scifi Novel on March 21st. Might need to take a day off.

--Happy Friday People!

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John said...

Looking forward to the release. This will give me time to reread one and two so I can jump into number three. With the characters and plot fresh in my mind.