US Soldiers on vacation stop a radical Muslim from mass murdering people.

Yet another asshole decided that he was going to kill a lot of people on a high speed train. He knew it was a gun free zone, so when he emerged from the bathroom and started shooting he didn't expect resistance. Boy was her wrong.

--Semper Fi.


Old NFO said...

USA to the rescue once again... Kudos to those kids for stepping up!

Stretch said...

An Airman, a National Guardsman (think Concord Bridge), a vacationing student and a British IT guy (hey, you deal with tier one customer you get REAL good at choke holds). All unarmed.
Bad guy has a loaded AK and knife(s).
Bad guy loses.
Hell, no wonder they use IEDs. They lose every time they try the ol' face-to-face thing.