Random Tuesday

Went shooting with a newbie. It was her second time and we shot rifles this time. We started with a basic Savage Mark II bolt action .22 with a scope.Then she shot my Colt AR15. She loved it. The recoil is light. After she figured out the sight pattern she did really well. She'll be back.

Dylan Roof is a Racist. That is what a racist looks like. The next time you hear someone called a racist because they disagree with the President, remind them what a real racist looks like. This guy also hated America. Photos of him stomping on the flag and even burning it say a lot. Please don't lump this asshole in with people other than white supremacists. I will point and laugh at the next person that calls him a typical Republican.This asshole is a perfect fit for the Death Penalty.

I still don't care about Deflategate.

I have a book signing for Still Falling, scheduled for noon on July 11th at Prospero's Books in Oldtown Manassas VA.

This mornings coffee is magnificent. You should be jealous.

It's only Tuesday. I have though it was Wednesday twice already this morning.

My wife and I are planning a trip to Kings Dominion. Without kids.

--Heading to work. Be safe out there.

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