Car Accident

Last night I was taking wife out to dinner last night and while slowing to turn left we got rear ended by a freshly graduated college student that had all per possessions packed in her car.

Our car, a Chevy, was fine. Scratched up, bumper damaged, but still drivable. Gets fixed on Tuesday. Super fast Geico/State Farm response.

Her car, a Nissan, was not drivable.

The police came and he was very professional. Excellent communications skills for such a young officer.

I desperately wanted to ask him why he had a Serpa holster. 

I was under the impression that Law Enforcement agencies had moved away from them.

--We were only 2 hours late for dinner. At least it wasn't crowded.


emtgene said...

Some agencies have. Most have not. Any man made object can break/fail. I have used the Serpa and like them.

Nathan said...

The PD I work at (as non-sworn personnel) uses them. M&Ps in .45 ACP, FWIW.