Random Thought Friday

Agent Carter - 
December gun sales broke records. 2.3 million FBI background checks. That doesn't include private sales.

Charlie Hebdo. Sigh. Hunt those fuckers down please.

The Computer Electronics Show had a small picitinny camera that is linked to an app on your phone or tablet. Sweet.

Marilyn Manson has a new song called 'Cupid Carries a Gun'. I wonder what caliber.

3D printed guns are getting better and better. It's still easier to make bombs at home if you're an asshole.

Nations Gun Show was last weekend. I bought some bulk .45ACP. I need to win the lotto.

I'm still waiting for my suppressors. Dammit.

I bought a huge box classic, yellow, foam rubber, ear plugs.

It's freezing balls outside. Single digit temps with negative double digit wind chills.

--I am going to watch Agent Carter as soon as I publish this post!

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