Before and After

Yesterday I cracked open my Ruger Mark III for some long overdue serious cleaning. Probably 5000 rounds of .22LR.

This thing was dirty.

On the right I have a couple before and after shots of the filth.

It took me and my evil minion Tony over and hour with dental tools to get this back to clean.

Funny thing is, the gun still shot just fine. Even that filthy.

We detailed cleaned my Mark II and my Mark III. Both are now ready to rock.

--We also cleaned my S&W 629-2. I will post about that tomorrow!


Old NFO said...

Yep, I 'think' it was due... :-)

Stretch said...

I've a stainless MkII.
I hit it with aerosol cleaner once and a while. Goes well over 5,000 rounds before the extractor gets too gunky to work. That's my cue to break it down for a soak and scrub.
I love stainless steel weapons.