Taking the Wife to the Range

Ruger GP-100
I took my wife to the new range yesterday to do another function test on my jamming AR15.

She took her Ruger GP-100 .357mag. She dialed it in and was rocking those targets in no time.

She doesn't want to shoot any other guns for now. She want to get really good with her Ruger with double action. She wants it simple: No jams, no mags, no safeties, if it doesn't go bang pull it again.

For now.

She is also planning on taking the formal woman's concealed carry class that is taught by women.

She told me that she also prefers a shoulder holster for comfort. "And that is what Kate has on Castle."

--We will be going there a lot. It's only 4 miles.


Laura said...

she and i need to set up a shooty date. i don't go shooting enough and i like shooting with other ladies.

JB Miller said...

Bring guns the next time you are over! The range is close!

Laura said...

mmmmaybe. usually depends on when we need to pick up the dog. :)

Stretch said...

May I suggest www.dragonleatherworks.com/

Dennis did a great custom holster for my 625 and he also did Ziva's (yes, NCIS' Ziva) shoulder holster. My be just the thing for your wife.

abnormalist said...

I loves me those GP100s in stainless. Especially with the rosewood grips. Such a nice piece.

Old NFO said...

I wish I had a range that was four miles away... sigh