AMMO REVIEW: Remington HTP, Jacketed Hollow Point Subsonic

I just found a new favorite 9mm ammo. Remington 9mm HTP Subsonic.

This jacketed hollow point 9mm ammo gives you the stopping power you need, with reliability.

These rounds contain the heavier 147 Grain projectile, even though it's a hollow point. This gives you the subsonic speeds without worries that light powder loads won't cycle your action. All this make it perfect for using with suppressors.

This Remington High Terminal Performance (HTP) ammo is high quality ammo. It has well crafted and very consistent components: primers, brass cases and a hollow point projectile. They will do the job with excellent controlled expansion and weight. They give me a great self defense ammo.

I ran a 500 round test with this ammo. I ran them through several firearms and was surprised more than once.

Glocks love this ammo. I tried the ammo in two different Glocks. Both ran great. My Glock 17 will eat any kind of ammo though. The Glock 17 is my daily carry firearm because it never jams and is high capacity. The HTP ammo is now my daily carry ammo. 20 rounds of 147 Grain, jacketed hollow point is a good tool. That says a lot with me.

I tried it next in my Smith and Wesson 539. I was very interested in this test because this gun is very particular about the ammo it likes. Especially hollow point ammo. It ran 100 rounds with no jams, great accuracy and function of the gun. The slide is tight on this gun. It hates light loads. Subsonic ammo had been trouble in the past.

That brings me to the other end of the bell curve. My Hi-Point 9mm is my least favorite, least reliable gun. It has the worst trigger I have ever felt. I can't actually believe I allow this turd to stay in my safe. There is no ammo made that won't jam in this gun. It's typical jam rate is about 1 in 6 shots will result in a jam. I have had a jam rate of 100% on some ammo. I ran 100 rounds through it.  Only 4 rounds jammed! Out of 100! Maybe it was because the gun had not been shot in such a long time I cleaned it right before taking it to the range. This made it the most impressive part of the test. I expected it to run fine in my Glock. It will shoot any crappy steel case cheep ammo. This says more. Wow.

Just for fun I ran three mags of this ammo through a friends full auto UZI. He warned me going in that the UZI had trouble with hollow point ammo on his feed ramp.

Open bolt UZIs are just odd to me. But damn, it's fun running a mag dump test. I did have two jams. As expected they stuck on the feed ramp. They cleared easy and the bullet nose was really damaged on the rounds that jammed. I saved the round and was going to take a photo for this post but I couldn't find it last night. I was amazed how well I stayed on target at full auto! Big fun!

The cost of the ammo is about $19 a box. This is an excellent price for the performance and quality you get. I got this ammo from Target Sports USA. They have FREE SHIPPING on ammo if you buy ammo by the case. I love that! My UPS guy does not love that! They have a really good selection of camping, shooting and other stuff for your gift giving!

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Old 1811 said...

Smith 569?
I know it's your gun and all, but I've never heard of a 569. (The photo appears to be a 439.)
In the old Smith 3-number system, the first number was 4 for blue, 5 for nickel, and 6 for stainless.
I owned at various times a 639 and a 559. I also owned a 469, and I know there was a 669, but I never heard of a 569.
If I'm wrong, please enlighten me. I've been wrong before, and being corrected won't kill me.

JB Miller said...

It is a 539. I fixed it!

Thanks 1811!!

Old NFO said...

Huh, hadn't seen or shot any of this. Thanks, I'll take a look at it!

JB Miller said...

It's a great value for defensive ammo!

Anonymous said...

I hit the link and they are sold out already!