Range Bags

I have been struggling with my damn range bags. I have tried several several different sizes and configurations. Duffels and backpacks of various sizes.

I need to pack the bag with several  standard items and leave it packed. Right now I pack it the day I go. I always seem to forget something: Alan wrenches, first aid kits, tools, cleaning supplies, disposable ear plugs, lens cloth,  muffs, glasses, batteries, a hat, even coins for vending drinks.

I need a case that is ready. Just add guns, mags and ammo and you're off. I need it to be able to hold several guns of various sizes.

I and recently been checking out the ones with wheels that act like a hand truck. Some of these are even re-purposed camera bags. I like the concept. I need to look a bit closer at those.

--Let me know what you like! What's in your bag?

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Peter said...

Talk to Oleg Volk. Not only does he take well-stuffed range bags to shoot, but also well-stuffed camera bags, and photo props, and what have you. I've seen some of his travel gear, and it's impressive.

You can reach him via his blog. I'm sure he'll have some interesting suggestions. Tell him I said so.