Police Militarization

I just read a good article that was written by John Stossel.

Conservatives, libertarians and liberals should all worry about the militarization of police

--We need more Andy Griffith and less SWAT.


Murphy's Law said...

I have to rebut that fantasy that old-time southern cops were all like Andy Griffith. the Sheriff that Andy Griffith played on TV was a merely creation of Hollywood. Old-time small-town cops (and big city cops) were much more likely to whip your ass or jail you without cause than their more professional counterparts today are.

Bubblehead Les. said...

True Fact Time. ICE has the Second Largest numbers of Agents of all the Federal LEO's, after the FBI, over 20,000. But Obama told them to stop going after Illegal Aliens. So they don't have a Job.

Yet, they were give over 2,000 MRAPs that this Admin deemed "Surplus." Since each can hold Ten People, not counting Drivers, that means EVERY ICE AGENT can roll up in an Armored Personnel Carrier if they chose to do so.

And yet, the Guard and the Reserve for some reason, have NOT been Issued MRAPs. They're still making do with, in some cases, Clapped-Out 'NAM -era Vehicles.

So why are The Federales better Armed and Protected than the U.S. Military?

Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid.

Old NFO said...

Murph is sadly correct (I grew up in a small town)...