Range Trip

Finally got all the parts I wanted for the new Remington 700 .308 and made it to the range yesterday.

I had a couple false starts with the scope rings but finally got it together.

100 Yards
It only took about 15 rounds to dial it in at 100 yards. I only put 20 rounds through it. This target is the last magazine I put though it. The next time I go I will fine tune it to 2 inches high at 100. Then I need to get to a long range.

It wasn't all good. The bolt action needs to be smoothed out. The trigger needs is a bit stiff as well. I have enjoyed some triggers that are like butter. This trigger is good. But I want butter!

--I love the Leupold VX6 Scope. LOVE IT!


Old NFO said...

Very nice! :-) At 100 it 'should' be stacking rounds...

naat said...

really a nice gun