My Opinion So Far Bowe Bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl is another huge screw up by this administration.

We traded 5 terrorists for this guy?

Someone forgot to mention to President Obama that we do not negotiate with terrorists. Or that we are suppose to discuss it with congress before we release asshats from Gitmo.

That is such a bargain for Al Qaeda. It will encourage them to start kidnapping more people. And imagine if they snag someone that actually was worth something.

Someone also forgot to tell the President that when we say "No soldier left behind." means we go in with a swarm of attack ships, massive troops, millions of bullets and tons of bombs.

We make kidnapping so expensive for them, so not worth it, they never do it again.

Six men were killed searching for Bergdahl. The President chose to honor them by freeing terrorists in stead of making them pay.

--Can't blame this screw-up on Bush. 


Anonymous said...

Oh yes you can blame it on Bush! Haven't we seen them blame EVERYTHING on Bush? There is no end to their ability to blame it on Bush!!!

Windy Wilson said...

It wasn't just five terrorists, it was five LEADING terrorists, the ones who believe in planning the jobs, not in the Inshalla school of blowing up innocents. The ones who actually get things done.