Range trip

I made a quick range trip. In an unusual series of events I only took one firearm to shoot.

I took my Suppressed Roni/Glock 21 SBR.I have a new EOTech that I needed to sight in. It was fun.

I walked in the sight at 25 yards and then at 50 yards. I forgot to bring my spotting scope or binocs. My eyes are not what they use to be but if you drop a whole mag you can see where they go.

I can't believe how much .45ACP drop.

Fun stuff.

The only problem was that when the gun heats up the suppressor begins to work loose.

Tightening the can when it's HOT is not much fun!

--I love this gun!


Murphy's Law said...


As for the hot can...asbestos pot-holder gloves. It's what I use for hot M60 barrels.

friv 4 said...

I, too, sometimes the rifle and you understand it becomes passion.

Old NFO said...

Looks like you got it working WELL! :-)


Hello, I just got my tax stamp for my Glock 34. I'm going to build a similar SBR. Question?... After removing the metal shroud and plastic plug from the RONI, did you have to make any other modifications to get the proper clearance? The can I'm using is a Ti-Rant 9.

Thanks in advance.