Another DYI Gun Safe

Here is another hidden gun safe that would be good for a dusty corner of your garage.

This not only locks, it has really good internal volume.

It could even be plugged in so it could have interior lights, dehumidifier and maybe even some security systems.

I would also remove all the compressor and motor gear and install a drawer in the bottom.

--Good camouflage! 


Geodkyt said...

Now, I like this one!

Since vending machine owners hate losing product and/or money, they are pretty darned secure and tamper resistant.

Unfortunately, I don't know if I could overcome the temptation to rig one button to dispense a small handgun. {grin}

Old NFO said...

Geodk is right...LOL

Murphy's Law said...

Now that's just cool. I want one. And I like the idea of hitting Dr. Pepper twice, then Mt. Dew and Diet Pepsi at the same time to make it drop a Ruger LCP or Baby Glock.