Range Day

I took two more new shooters to the range for their first time.

One is a friend that has been talking about going shooting with me for months, maybe years. She also brought her 21 year old niece.

Her niece was raised in a very liberal democrat house where guns were always depicted as magically corrupt and evil. In college she has come to understand that guns are not evil or even the problem. Police states are.

We had all the time we wanted so we shot a large selection of hanguns:
  • Suppressed Ruger Mark II - .22LR
  • Ruger SP101 - .357mag
  • Smith & Wesson 539 - 9mm
  • Glock 17 - 9mm
  • Beretta Px4 - .40cal
  • Kahr - .45ACP
  • Glock 21 - 45ACP
The SP101 revolver was the one she liked shooting the most. She liked being able to tell it's loaded at a glance, the simplicity of operation, reliability, and the level of recoil while shooting .38 Special. She likes the single/double action.

She tried everything. The recoil of the 9mm's was manageable for her. She shot the S&W 9mm very well but didn't care for the complexity, for now. The .45's were too much recoil and the Glock 21 grip was too big.

Her niece was more recoil averse. She tried the 9mm's. She was okay with .38's but enjoyed the .22 a lot.

It was a good day. She wants to go again soon. She also wants to go to the next gun show with me. She is all about the grip comfort. She is even talking about moving out of DC to VA for FREEDOM!

--We have a convert.

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Old NFO said...

Well done sir! WELL DONE!!! :-)