Running Late

Last night I took my kids to a concert. It was really great to spend the time with them.

The band and the crowd were interesting but it was kind of weird for me.

The Event was in Washington DC.

What that means is that I had to leave my guns at home. My favorite knives as well.

At one point I had gone to take a leak and I walked out of the bathroom right into a crowd of cops that were searching the place. Probably 20 cops. Hands on guns. Walking through the crowd systematically looking for someone specific.

Apparently someone took a cab to the 9:30 Club and in stead of paying, robbed the cabby at gun point. Then calmly entered the club.

-I felt so naked.


Laura said...

what's that? gun crime in D.C.?


Wandering Neurons said...

I feel the same way every time I shortcut home through DC's better neighborhoods of Washington Heights, Congress Heights, and points in-between. Add to that working in DC, and furthermore, on a DoD facility. Talk about a triple-whammy of gun control!