Drop Holster

What are you looking at?
I have been trying to figure out what the best holster would be if  was wearing my favorite backpack for camping.

My backpack has a great belt the transfers all the weight of the pack to your hips.

Regular Inside or Outside the waistband holsters just get in the way of the packs belt.

The drop holster in this photo seems like it will solve this problem neatly.

--I also have a chest holster that works, but is not that handy.


Jon said...

I think I'd rather just have the gal in the photo tag along on campouts, to keep me safe from lions, tigers and bears, Oh my!

Nathan said...

I carry my woods gun (a K-frame revolver) in a cross draw position in front right around 10-11 o'clock. I have a holster with one belt loop that allows the gun to swivel a little when I sit, bend down, etc.

Old NFO said...

Drop holsters are good, but they DO need to be watched... Especially if you don't have good retention on them.

abnormalist said...

Pocket carry is my choice if carrying the 380, or shoulder rig for the 44

Drop holsters always upset the balance of my leg, something I DO NOT need when carrying a heavy backpack already

I'm looking at a paddle holster to wear on the hip belt of my pack as an option as well, something to consider