JRC Grips

TacStar AR-15 Tactical Front and Rear Grip Set Black
I received a question about the new grips I put on the JR Carbine. I really like the feel of them. The non-slip rubber finish give a really secure hold. Back and front.

I also like the price! The set was only $40.  I got these here at www.cheaperthandirt.com.

The JR Carbine accepts standard AR-15 furniture so the selection options are great. I also like that the front grip folds down neatly.

The pics below show the before and after.

--Next up I need another EOTech!

Grips Before
Grips After


Bubblehead Les. said...

Trying to figure out how you can have a Suppressor AND a Bayonet Lug on the Carbine at the same time. Maybe an Offset-type Bayonet like a Brown Bess would work. After all, it never hurts to have a Stabby Thing in case of having to do CQB with a pack of Zeds!

JB Miller said...

I have a picitinny K-Bar! Hmmm...