You Need These

Rainier Arms Spork
We talk about camping and survival preps pretty often on around here. It is good to find nice, light, well designed items to add to your camping gear or Bug Out Bags (BOB).

This new Rainier Arms Spork is an excellent addition to a desk drawer at work or a side pocket of your Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) full pack.

The price is $2.99 and is very easy to order ten or twenty and seed them all over the place.

--They should make a bottle opener jaw on it!


Laura said...

Light My Fire also has these in both plastic and titanium - the latter is new. I keep a plastic one at work. My only complaint is the knife blade. It's not really all that functional. Otherwise, it's a great product.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I'll show something this weekend you might like for your WTF Bag.