Emily Gets Her Gun, Trying to Anyway...

Emily Miller
Washington Times Opinion Page Senior Editor Emily Miller has a blog covering our Second Amendment freedoms. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyMiller.

As part of the "Emily gets her gun" series, Emily Miller needs to find a handgun that she could buy to register legally in Washington, D.C.

Emily details her quest to get a legal handgun in Washington, D.C., the daunting nature of it. She has been overwhelmed by all that is required before she can take legal possession of a purchased gun. She talks about how she needed to get organized, make a checklist of the required steps, bring order to the complicated mess of instructions given by the city.

--Follow her as she works her way down this list.

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Old NFO said...

She raises a LOT of good points! Especially about the travel and being a single female trying to find an instructor!