Comments from a guy that owns both Glock and 1911 .45's:

Simply put, Glocks are the McDonalds of combat handguns. (I love McDonalds, BTW) They are reliable, consistent from gun to gun, simple, high capacity and inexpensive. Pick any Glock up and it will shoot like every other one you have ever picked up. Like McDonalds, they are good, really good, but can only get so good.

1911's are the private American Grill of combat handguns. Some are great, some are bad. Every individual 1911 is different. If you pay $499 for a new 1911 you will not get the reliability, capacity or consistency of a Glock. The Beauty of 1911s is that you can upgrade it in many ways, unlike Glocks. Triggers, sights, grips, slides, springs, hammers, mags all can tune it up to be way better than a Glock. But it costs. It's not unusual to pay $1500 - $2500 for a tuned up 1911.

The Springfield XD line may be the best compromise. They seem to satisfy all my requirements. I have an XD 9mm now. I need an XD .45.

The thing I dislike most about the Glock is the safety/trigger system. I miss the manual safety and light pull..
The thing I dislike most about 1911's is capacity. I believe eights rounds is not enough.

I will get a sweet 1911 one day and make a hobby of tuning it up.

--So I like both. Discount neither. But I carry a Glock.


Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a tool to use in the real world. Take the Glock.

JB Miller said...

Every gun should be judged on it's own merits.

Glocks and 1911a seem to be the Mac v PC of guns.

Anonymous said...

I admit I had to pay twice as much to get my Kimber to shoot as well as my Glock.

Glocks are practical, nice 1911's are beautiful.