Virginia is waking up...

Notice the difference in the poll and the headline. These people need to learn that they follow the will of the people or get voted out.

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Heywood said...

only in Alexandria, they simply cannot be voted out. Alex is over 85% democrat. There is not just zero chance of a republican being elected to the Alexandria city council or Mayor, much less a general assembly member. Even if you were fortunate enough to find a RINO able to win, they would not be pro gun.

Northern Virginai has been lost for about 10 years now, and the losses are going to keep piling up in VA for the foreseeable future. VA has already taken in so many NY/NJ refugees that NY is now the 2nd most spoken language behind Spanish. New Yorkers didn’t move down here to change their politics, they moved here to change ours.

The war’s over. We lost.